Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shopping for Jewelry Supplies

Can't wait for my cutter to come in!!! I ordered it from Rio Grande, and am so excited to use it to start making more designs!! It's so fun shopping for jewelry supplies, just wish it was easy to sell the finished pieces. I know eventually I'll get the hang of it, but it is just so hard to do!! I could go for online and shop for hours and hours on supplies, beads, tools, gems, wires and more. It's so quick to buy up the stuff, then when it comes in, it takes forever to put away, and find a place for it. Then looking at everything it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. The ideas just float around in my head. Then taking the pictures of the finished piece of art.... not too bad. But then cropping pictures etc, it getting easier. Then posting online, and waiting for that person looking for the item you just posted, because when they see it, they just feel like it is them. That they have to have it. Well... that was a bit of a ramble. But good to get out.


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