Monday, February 1, 2010

Disc Cutter Fun!!

I finally got my Disc Cutter in!! I ordered copper sheets along with it, so I could practice using it (Sterling Silver sheets are SOOOO expensive!). The shavings on the cutter is called Bur-Lite, which is supposed to keep the punches ability to cut cleanly. Along with the disc cutter I ordered the center-positioning die set, the red pad in the picture, a hole punch (to punch a 1mm hole in the finished product so I can incorporate it into my jewelry), a pair of wire sheers (to cut the copper sheet), bur-lite and a brass 1lb hammer. I'm thinking I should have also ordered some files, but will try to use what I have. The cuts are clean and sharp. It took only a couple of hits with hammer to cut the disc! Quite easy to do, and I the ideas how I could use these are bombarding my brain!! It was a quite expensive order, so I hope it pays for itself in the long run.

Below are images of my first washers and circles (I'm sure there's another name for it). As you can see, one of the washers is WAY off center, so I will have to work on getting the hang of the positioning die. Hopefully soon, I will post some pictures of some jewelry using my awesome new tool!!


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  1. Ohh fun! And who doesn't like a off center circle in their jewelry every once and a while :)