Sunday, February 14, 2010

Foredom Flex Shaft Fun

I really want to start making chainmail. It looks so beautiful! My Mom wants a bracelet that honors my son, and plans to wear it until he returns from Afganistan. I thought chainmail would be the perfect thing to make her! So another purchase - another expensive purchase, but again, I hope to get my return someday :). When I got my pepe jump ring maker in the mail I was so excited. I got the one that came with the foredom flex shaft. The instructions said to take apart the flex shaft and re-assemble it, so I did. I set everything up and turned the drill on, but the saw wouldn't cut the rings. BUMMER! It took two days, and some wonderful people from Etsy (especially As it turns out, when I had reassembled the thing WRONG -- Well, after all was done, I had JUMP RINGS!!! WOO HOO!

The is the pepe jump ring maker. A coil is complete on the rod.

Some coils ready to be cut.

Copper and Brass jump rings complete and ready to use!

All in all, once I got it figured out, it only took about 10 minutes to make about 500 jump rings! Amazing, and a huge cost saver! I look forward to start the chain mail. Comments and hints/tips/suggestions are welcome!


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