Thursday, October 15, 2009

Can you figure out the Mystery Featured Artist?

I thought it would be fun to have a contest! I love a good mystery, and puzzle, and although I may not be a great creator of them, I thought it would be fun to send people out on a hunt!! I will give five clues to who my mystery featured artist is. It won't be easy (at least I hope not!), and there may be many answers, although only one is right!! You can win one or ALL of the following:

Crystal Quartz and Sapphire Earrings

Amethyst and Rose Quartz Earrings

Swarkovski Crystal and Glass Heart Earrings

To play the game:

Follow the clues, figure out who the artist is... post their Etsy username, or store name on the comments of this post. Only one guess per person. For those not familiar with Etsy, it is an online handcraft and vintage website allowing artists to sell their items. Just go to, make an account (it's free) and look around. There is some AMAZING stuff there!! To win the prize(s):

Win 1 prize: Guess the correct artist
Win 2 prizes: Guess the correct artist and be a follower of my blog
Win all 3 prizes: Guess the correct artist, be a follower of my blog, and have made a purchase from my Etsy shop. (geesh, talk about bribery!)

I will announce the prize after I post the interview. At this time, the winner can contact me so I can send their prize! If someone does guess the correct artist, and only wins one prize, then the next person who guessed the correct artist will get a pick of the remaining prizes. All prizes will come in a nice gift box with my logo name. Great for Christmas gift!

The interview will be posted on or around Halloween. Have fun! Thanks for playing!


Clue #1: This Artist uses leaves in some of his/hers work.
Clue #2: This Artist joined Etsy in 2008.
Clue #3: This Artist used a stamp from another Etsy seller to make one of his/her pieces of work.
Clue #4: This Artist uses special printmaking with some of his/her work.
Clue #5: At the time of this writing, this Artist has over 65 shop hearts.

Let the hunt begin!!



  1. Well, I've been searching around Etsy and I think you've stumped me! I actually would have guessed you, because the earring stand is the same in the pics you have here on your blog and on a few of your pics, lol. I will keep searching!


  2. Ooh, a hunt! I love hunts :P So anyways, you got me curious and I have searched through quite a few shops (including yours, lol, because I saw that earring stand too!) because the clues are so ambiguious!

    But, I shall guess...CozInk (

    *waiting for the right answer* at least, if I'm wrong (as I probably am), I still found a bunch of cool shops along the way!

    p.s. I'm now following :)

  3. Oh wow, never thought of that, I guess I should tell everyone that I made the earrings, and am giving them to the winner. It has nothing to do with the mystery author.

  4. My guess is
    Kirsten (anabelfuzz)

  5. my guess is :D

    Paige []

  6. my guess is I thought of it before I saw anyone else's comment so I'm so proud :)

  7. Well, I guessed Cozink too before I looked at everyones guesses.